The Fastest Way to Slow Down
Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Developed by Hoolest Performance Technologies, a Neurotechnology Development Company

Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Vagus nerve stimulation is the act of activating or stimulating your vagus nerve.

There are two primary benefits of vagus nerve stimulation.

Vagus nerve stimulation is the fastest way to calm an anxious or hyperactive state of mind so you can mentally recover and get back to the present moment quickly.
Daily vagus nerve stimulation increases vagal tone and resilience, making it easier to keep the physical effects of anxiety under control and maintain an optimal state of mental and physical wellness.

Vagus Nerve Stimulation with VeRelief

After a single 10-minute session

*IRB-approved sham-controlled clinical study with first prototype. Eighteen healthy individuals with performance anxiety.
**IRB-approved sham-controlled clinical study with final product. Twenty-four individuals with self-diagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and Panic disorder. See our Research page for additional information

Compare with Other Popular Treatment Options

The State of Vagus Nerve Stimulation Techniques

The Methods


Slow breathing exercises

Various Yogic Practices

Surgical Implant


Cold Therapy

Heart Rate Variability Training

Brushing Your Tonge


Mindfulness Apps



Slow breathing exercises

Various Yogic Practices

Surgical Implant


Cold Therapy

Heart Rate Variability Training

Brushing Your Tonge


Heart Rate Variability Training

Brushing Your Tonge

Various Mindfulness Practices


The Problems

Time consuming

Expensive or impractical


Requires years of disciplined practice for effective results

Requires a quiet space or environment

Not available on demand

Requires connectivity to an app or phone

Monitoring and storing of your personal health data

Techniques draw attention in public

Ineffective for rapid relief during an anxiety episode

Indirect and slow vagus nerve stimulation

The VeRelief Difference

VeRelief offers instant and direct vagus nerve stimulation using mild electrical impulses non-invasively applied to the auricular branch of the vagus nerve in and around the ear area.

VeRelief offers a powerful new calming sensation that reduces anxiousness, relieves stress, and calms racing thoughts faster than any other method that exists.

For Patients Feeling












VeRelief was demonstrated to safely and effectively provide relief for these feelings after a single session in multiple IRB-approved and sham-controlled clinical studies.

See our Research page for more information.


“Easy to use…the feeling of a physiological decrease in arousal…the hyperexcitability we often build up from anticipating our daily stressors just melted away.”

Dr. Leslie Sherlin
Licensed Counselor and Sports Psychologist
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“To stimulate the vagus nerve you probably need to gargle or hum for 15 minutes, and who has time for that? ...this thing is great because right away it stimulates the vagus nerve…I really like it and its very relaxing. I’ll sit on the couch and I’ll do it for 5 minutes on each side 3 times per day, and at night I’ll do it and I’m ready to roll into bed right afterwards. Its amazing.”

Sara Borrillo
Realtor & Vagus Nerve Enthusiast
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VeRelief is Safe

VeRelief and early prototype versions were tested on over 150 people in multiple IRB-approved and sham-controlled clinical studies

Vagus nerve stimulation was applied to both the left and right auricular branch of the vagus nerve.

Safety and tolerability was assessed by asking patients to subjectively rate each of the following criteria on a scale of one to 10 for severity immediately after treatment and 24 hours after treatment: 



Blurred Vision


Discomfort or pain


Skin Itching or Irritation

No differences in subjective ratings in safety criteria between active and sham groups were found. 

View our Safety and Efficacy Technical Report with our First Prototype and N=120 Patients

Medical Grade Technology

VeRelief was designed and built using a Quality Management System compliant to 21 CFR Part 820 required for all medical devices and medical-grade technologies. It was tested, verified, and validated for compliance with rigorous medical device safety standards including:

Superior User Experience

VeRelief was purposely designed to improve the user experience compared to other vagus nerve activation devices.

Small, Dry Electrodes

No App or Phone Required


Non-Technical Interface



Improved Ergonomic Design


Superior Veragel Electrodes




VeRelief uses a new, proprietary type of electrode called Veragels to comfortably deliver treatment without needing to be soaked in any gel or saline solution.

The Veragels were tested for biocompatibility with humans and are compliant to the medical standard:

ISO 10993-1, “Biological evaluation of medical devices –Part 1: Evaluation and testing within a risk management process”

Cytotoxicity Testing

Skin Sensitization Testing

Skin Irritation Testing

A Calming Experience like you’ve Never Experienced


VeRelief vs Other Vagal Stimulation Devices

Reduce anxiousness <10 minutes

Clinically proven in
sham-controlled studies

Less than $500

Dry, Comfortable Electrodes

Simple User Interface

Wireless and portable







Three Unique Modes

Pure and continuous vagal activation. Use for up to 10 minutes to experience rapid relief or daily to experience the benefits of improved vagal tone.

Modulating output designed to guide your breathing to 6 breaths/minute. This is called “Coherent Breathing.” Combined with direct vagal activation, Coherent Breathing is the most effective way to quickly improve vagal tone with results that can last for hours.

The most powerful short-term calming experience that exists. A modulating stimulation waveform designed to help you bring your breath down to 3 breaths/minute. Complete for just 2 minutes for a calming experience that works faster, feels better, and lasts longer than any short-term method available.


VeRelief is now available in limited quantities through our Private Release program. Order yours today and be the first to first to add this powerful new mental health management tool now available to your daily routine.
Order comes with one VeRelief device, a jar of Veragel electrodes for 90-120 days of use, product support materials, and a 60-day money-back guarantee from your date of purchase.
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VeRelief Plus for Research

VeRelief Plus is a programmable version of VeRelief designed for tech enthusiasts, biohackers, and researchers.

VeRelief Plus can be used to stimulate any nerve in the body superficial to the skin, such as the trigeminal nerve in the forehead or the median nerve in the wrist. Each nerve has its own unique projections to the brain and therefore a unique therapeutic outcome.

Adjustable stimulation waveform parameters in VeReliefPlus include:

Adjustable current and voltage output

Pulsewidth output

Frequency output

Waveform shape and modulation envelope

To inquire about purchasing a VeReliefPlus for research purposes, submit the form below or contact